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Mike Harding is a multi talented chameleon that adapts to each unique event. His non-stop energy, enthusiasm, and ability to work a crowd play a key role in the overall atmosphere of any event. Mike personally invests his passion in each show or production, big or small, and his level of professionalism is invaluable for flawless event execution. He instantly recognizes the goals of the client, assesses the nature of the audience, and can anticipate exactly what the audience wants… and always delivers.

Mike grew up under the wing of his father, Harry Harding. Harry was an entertainer in the 50’s and 60’s, singing with the musical group “The Diamonds”, and then built a lucrative career as a DJ. Mike began to learn the DJ trade at the tender age of four. He would watch his father set up his equipment, test his music, queue his tapes, and sat below the speakers, listening intently and developing an appreciation for all musical genres.

Mike is proud to be the host of The Toronto Blue Jays Fan Fridays Jr. Jays Days and any other special event in and outside the Rogers Center. Mike is also the voice on the beach for The Pro-Beach Volleyball (on OLN TV) and The Not-So-Pro-Beach Volleyball circuits where he again combines DJ with MC, as he gets the energy and excitement flowing in the crowd, runs the games, and hosts the prize awards at center court. A few other events where Mike’s unique service have been utilized are: Hard Rock Cafe’s Rockfest 2000 in Chicago, IL; Pro Beach Volleyball in Chicago, IL; World League Indoor Series.

Whether to draw a crowd, host and event, meet a sales goal or simply provide the perfect party atmosphere, Mike Harding exceeds the standard. With Mike Harding, you not only get great tunes but a voice with personality that brings unsurpassed animation and energy to any event. He is a true entertainer.


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Pickering, ON Canada


43.83841169999999, -79.08675790000001

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